For smart women who want to build their life & business to work for them.

The Soul Traders Club

The Soul Traders Club is for smart women who want to build their life and business on their terms.

Many organisations have working practices, that in my experience, don't work well for women. As girls we were raised to conform and many women struggle with people pleasing which makes them especially prone to experiencing stress in organisations where long working hours are the norm and they are striving to prove themselves.

This is further exacerbated by many women continuing to bear the brunt of housework, childcare and family admin.

This is what led me to walk away from a career in the Chilled Food Industry that I loved and that I'd spent over 10 years building. I couldn't see how I could do my job and raise a baby too. I don't believe I'm alone in this. Many women are walking away from careers or taking on lesser roles. This is resulting in a huge untapped resource in our society.

My husband & I spent the next 14 years growing our own business to provide for our family whilst allowing us to work around the kids. I then retrained as a Transformational Coach. I have a BA Honours in Marketing, a Diploma in Transformational Coaching, a Certificate in Positive Psychology and over 25 years business experience.

I am passionate about self-employment and the opportunities it brings to women. It's about getting clear on the vision we have for our lives, and the business strategy we require to facilitate that. We choose how we build our businesses and what success looks like for us.

Do you feel the same? Come join me.

The Soul Traders Club is for female business owners, whatever stage of your journey.

* We hold weekly Zoom calls 9.30-10.30am on a Friday for 40 weeks of the year. (Sessions will not run during school holidays).

* Have a Closed Facebook Group where members can stay in touch and get support & advice from other members. Self employment can be lonely some days!

*Provide the camaraderie of being in a group with other women who also want more from their lives.

* Use coaching exercises to enable you to gain deeper clarity on what you want from your life and how your business can help facilitate this.

* Provide the accountability for you to stay focussed on your goals.

* If you are interested in learning more please contact me drop me an email to

Your business, your way.

Areas that will be covered during the course of the year will be:

* Your values - what's most important to you?

* Your unique strengths & how to play to these.

* Your personality type

* What limiting beliefs you have? And how they are impacting on you & your business.

* How the brain works - amazingly we are never taught this!

* Mindset

* Your vision for your life.

* Your vision for your business.

* Focus on key elements of your business.

* SWOT Analysis.

* Money Mindset.

* Sales Targets.

* Yearly, Monthly & Weekly goals.

* And much more!