What Clients say about Lyn Ray

Lyn Ray

Neela, London - One to One Coaching

“When I first met Lyn, my job was variously interesting, demanding and infuriating.  I juggled working full time with 3 tweens (including twins!):  a combination for which younger female colleagues told me they saw me as a role model.

Trouble was I didn’t feel that way at all.  I was unable to value the skills that made me unique or even acknowledge that my contribution mattered.  I never seemed to be able to prioritise those things that would be better for me, leading to a further sense of helplessness.

I can safely say my sessions with Lyn have been transformational.  I am still all those things I described in the first paragraph.  However, I am so much more comfortable in my own skin.  I am able to make mindful, considered decisions.  It’s like a fog has been lifted and I can hold my head high again.

Lyn is never confrontational.  She listens.  And listens.  And then asks the one killer question that makes the difference.  It’s a real skill and one that has changed my life for the better.”

Nicole, Edinburgh - One to One Coaching

“It's been a pleasure to work with Lyn. Lyn listened to me without judgement and challenged me to recognise the areas of my life that were holding me back. She is extremely personable yet professional and has provided me with the tools I need to move forward in life with confidence and clarity. I would recommend Lyn in a heartbeat."

Judith, Surrey - One to One Coaching

“It’s been absolutely great.  Very clear, thought-provoking and insightful.  I’m not much of a talker but your questions bring out the answers.”

Michelle, Dunfermline- Day Coaching Session

“I’ve had quite a few different experiences over the last three years with different types of coaching. I’ve had 1-1 coaching over 10 sessions, a six month group programme, a 21 day programme, a 3 month group programme as well as countless hours on podcasts, listening to audible books and reading lots and lots of articles.  This doesn’t make me an expert but it does help me to understand value.  This day long course has hands down been the best and most useful way that I’ve spent my time.  Not just the day but I’ve not been able to stop thinking about it or acting on it since I left.  It just was so insightful and really helped me connect with a true passion of mine that I thought I wouldn’t be able to pursue because of all the things I’d told myself made it impossible.  I wasn’t trained enough, I didn’t have enough technical knowledge, I didn’t have enough time…. A whole lot of reasons to keep me safe rather than just give it a go and see where it goes.  I’m already further along in the process than I thought I would be and I feel so enthusiastic and alive in a way that I haven’t done in a while.  A game changer!