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Lyn Ray Coaching Fife

"Working with Lyn really helped me to clarify my thoughts during a pivotal period when I was planning to launch a business. Lyn helped me to think about how I could be the best version of myself, both professionally and personally. She was never judgemental and she helped me find the self-belief and confidence that I needed to go for it. 

Lyn takes her coaching role very seriously and is committed to her clients and their journey of self-discovery. She is also a great person; someone whom you can trust and she is a fantastic ally to have on your side."

Emma, Edinburgh - One to One Life Coaching

“When I first met Lyn, my job was variously interesting, demanding and infuriating.  I juggled working full time with 3 tweens (including twins!):  a combination for which younger female colleagues told me they saw me as a role model.

Trouble was I didn’t feel that way at all.  I was unable to value the skills that made me unique or even acknowledge that my contribution mattered.  I never seemed to be able to prioritise those things that would be better for me, leading to a further sense of helplessness.

I can safely say my sessions with Lyn have been transformational.  I am still all those things I described in the first paragraph.  However, I am so much more comfortable in my own skin.  I am able to make mindful, considered decisions. It’s like a fog has been lifted and I can hold my head high again.

Lyn is never confrontational.  She listens.  And listens.  And then asks the one killer question that makes the difference. It’s a real skill and one that has changed my life for the better.”

Neela, London - One to One Executive Life Coaching

"When I was at a cross-roads in my life and all I had was uncertainty, Lyn helped me to identify where I was now, appreciate where I’d been and how to imagine and realise the future I wanted. Over a series of sessions, designed to subtly take me through the process, Lyn listened, gently probed with thoughtful and powerful questions and helped me arrive at the answers to questions I didn’t even know to ask.

Lyn’s one-to-one coaching became so important in my life at a time when I could just open up, talk and really be listened to.  That was enough for me to lift the “fog” and see my path and I couldn’t have done it without Lyn. Highly recommend."

Paul, Edinburgh - One to One Executive Life Coaching

"Lyn is personable, professional, experienced and very knowledgeable. She is passionate about client transformation through tailored and practical sessions/exercises. I would highly recommend Lyn as a coach."

Georgina, Norfolk - One to One Executive Life Coaching

"I cannot recommend Lyn highly enough. She is so passionate about positively supporting her clients and in particular women. Lyn is knowledgeable and really helped me to focus my thoughts and decisions."

Jacqui, Buckinghamshire - One to One Executive Life Coaching

"I was first introduced to Lyn when my employer at the time organised a series of life coaching sessions for the team. Although I was perhaps initially sceptical, I soon found the sessions to be extremely valuable in helping me evaluate some important career and life decisions. Lyn has a relaxed style of coaching and has a great knack of not trying to fill silences. She will ask a question and then really give you time to fully contemplate. She does not 'force' answers on you, but instead gives you time to come up with those important decisions yourself. Her sessions have a perfect balance between her sharing theoretical, academic knowledge and bringing in her own life experience to provide important context.

I would unreservedly recommend Lyn to anyone who has reached a crossroads in their life or career, or simply needs a bit of reflection time to help 'reset'."

Tim, Watford - One to One Executive Life Coaching

"I have done a few sessions as part of a workplace wellbeing initiative and it was absolutely marvellous. The sessions really helped me to iron out some priorities, strengthen my self-confidence and value myself and the skills I bring to the table.

I'd recommend any employer who reads this to sign up their staff with Lyn for at least a few sessions a year, as being held accountable to your own work-life/life-work priorities and ambitions really is the key to finding that balance that hopefully makes everyone a bit happier and more relaxed."

Gaby, Bradford - One to One Executive Life Coaching

"I've had great help from Lyn over the last couple of difficult years and she's been so inspiring in such a down to earth way. Such a breath of fresh air where there are so many patter-merchants around. A real person with so many great ideas that credits original sources of ideas when relevant and is so trustworthy and open to share from her own experiences, challenges and joys .... A real find!"

Joan, Edinburgh - Group Coaching

“It's been a pleasure to work with Lyn. Lyn listened to me without judgement and challenged me to recognise the areas of my life that were holding me back. She is extremely personable yet professional and has provided me with the tools I need to move forward in life with confidence and clarity. I would recommend Lyn in a heartbeat."

Nicole, Edinburgh - One to One Executive Life Coaching

“I found working with Lyn very helpful and enlightening. It allowed us to discuss me, without having to focus on all the "white noise" that comes with family and working life. Lyn herself is very friendly and engaging company, and makes you feel relaxed and positive about talking about yourself rather than selfish.

Keith, Glasgow - One to One Executive Life Coaching

“It’s been absolutely great.  Very clear, thought-provoking and insightful.  I’m not much of a talker but your questions bring out the answers."

Judith, Surrey - One to One Life Coaching

“I’ve had quite a few different experiences over the last three years with different types of coaching. I’ve had 1-1 coaching over 10 sessions, a six month group programme, a 21 day programme, a 3 month group programme as well as countless hours on podcasts, listening to audible books and reading lots and lots of articles.  This doesn’t make me an expert but it does help me to understand value.  This day long course has hands down been the best and most useful way that I’ve spent my time.  Not just the day but I’ve not been able to stop thinking about it or acting on it since I left.  It just was so insightful and really helped me connect with a true passion of mine that I thought I wouldn’t be able to pursue because of all the things I’d told myself made it impossible.  I wasn’t trained enough, I didn’t have enough technical knowledge, I didn’t have enough time…. A whole lot of reasons to keep me safe rather than just give it a go and see where it goes.  I’m already further along in the process than I thought I would be and I feel so enthusiastic and alive in a way that I haven’t done in a while.  A game changer!

Michelle, Dunfermline- Day Executive Life Coaching Session

"I like the mix-up in sessions. Some weeks Lyn creates coaching questions to ask and we reflect and write. This has been an eye-opener and the most valuable for me, allowing my thoughts to flow onto paper and I didn't realise I would enjoy it or get to the crux of the stuff in my head as much. Other times we think and talk, laugh and sometimes cry. It's given me a different slant on what I thought I knew.

This group is my goals/vision and accountability time, along with some soul searching/laughing and a virtual hug when needed. It's my favourite group. I love it. I'd recommend Lyn for her warmth, insight and plain-talking, down-to-earth approach. She practices what she preaches with a huge heart and brilliant experience. "

Kate, The Kate Outdoors, Group Coaching

"The weekly meetings have been wonderful for me! Taking just an hour out of my week to think about my business and progress has been really helpful. Lyn is good at creating space for reflection and asking the right questions to give me a new perspective on things. Everyone in the group is at a different stage in their lives and businesses, and the dynamic that has developed between us is open and supportive, with everyone given room to express themselves (I'm quieter than most, but Lyn always makes sure I feel heard). I'm not the best at sticking to appointments, but this is pretty much the only meeting that I never miss!"

Sammy, Paraffle Embroidery, Group Coaching

"My weekly Soul Traders meeting is one of my favourite parts of the week. Lyn's guided sessions have helped me to take time out for myself to really think about what I want for me and my business. I love the way she is able to adapt and flex to the arising needs of the group. It has been so refreshing to meet a group of like minded women running their own businesses but the benefits of the group have gone way beyond that with sessions that have helped to support all areas of my life. Most of all I have enjoyed the support of and inspiration from Lyn and the other group members."

Siobhan, SJG Coaching, Group Coaching

"Sometimes you don't know what you need and Lyn's sessions bring an unexpected reward. Lyn is very down to earth and straightforward. She allows conversations to flow easily and brings her knowledge by way of tools to support our aspirations for ourselves. I've never come away from a session without having gained some positive reassurance that actually I've got this!"

Ali, From The Heart Celebrancy, Group Coaching

"Thank you so much for all your help preparing me for my first interview in 6 years. It went so well, and I put it down to your wise words, your helpful focus, the top tips you gave me, writing everything down was great. I was more exuberant puppy than stuttering wreck and that was after one chat with you! What is this dark art that you do??"

Kirsty, Edinburgh, Power Hour

"Lyn is very friendly, approachable, relatable and really listens. She does not judge and let's you get to the answers for yourself."

Donna, Dundee, Workshop

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