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Enabling your team to thrive

Are you providing an environment in which you and your people can thrive?  

Life for many people is busy, juggling work and family commitments.  This is particularly true for driven people who strive to perform well in all areas of their lives.  

They have little time to think about themselves and what they want. Yet when they are clear on their purpose and priorities they are a force to be reckoned with.

Stress & Anxiety at Work

Often though no matter what they do, it never feels enough. Stress and anxiety can build up. However, the simple fact is that it is physiologically impossible for anyone to perform to the best of their ability whilst they are stressed for a prolonged period.

The way we think, influences how we feel which impacts our actions and therefore our outcomes.  For any business who wants to make a big impact in the world, you need a team who can think clearly and take positive action. You need a team who are energised, purposeful and productive. You need a team who believe in themselves and your business.

Beliefs, habits and working practices all impact significantly. Sometimes undiagnosed neurodiversity can be at play and result in people feeling overwhelmed or frustrated. It is estimated that 15-20% of the population are neurodivergent. Being neurodivergent impacts the way people think, feel, learn and behave, which affects their experience, challenges and impact within the workplace. Neurodivergent people often bring huge strengths to organisations, not least their passion, energy and problem-solving abilities, but having to mask to fit in can be exhausting and impact people's mental and physical health. Being in the right environment with the appropriate support can be life changing and enable people to thrive. Neurodivergence, includes but is not limited to, dyslexia, dyspraxia, dysgraphic, dyscalculia, AHDH and autism. I am a member of Neurodiversity in Business and am currently completing a Neurodiversity in Coaching Course. Whilst I am by no means an expert on neurodiversity, I have a good awareness of it and am passionate that everyone should be able to live and work in a way that works for them.

This is about arming your high achievers, whether they be neurotypical or neurodivergent, with tools and techniques that work for them, to allow them to flourish in all areas of their lives, and to protect their physical and mental wellbeing.

Working with me is a game-changer.

Support can be provided through one to one coaching, group coaching, workshops, webinars or speaking at events. Typically it is a mix of coaching and training. Let me know the specific challenge or need you or your team have and we will come up with the best plan to solve it.

Sound good? Please get in touch.

With over 10 years experience in the chilled food industry and 19 years experience of running our own business, I understand first-hand the challenges of the corporate world but also the benefits of finding a way to live and work in a way that enables you to thrive.

Lyn Ray Coaching Fife
If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.”

Henry Ford

Lyn Ray Coaching Fife

Benefits of Corporate Life & Wellbeing Coaching

So, what are the benefits to a company? The investment in coaching says to your team that you value them. Where people feel valued, they are loyal and this fosters the retention of experienced staff, reducing the cost and time associated with recruiting new team members. Mindset shifts and the personal growth that can be created through coaching play an important part in building a team that are motivated, empowered and productive.

I work with individuals, teams and companies, providing one-to-one coaching (both in-person and online), group coaching, workshops, training and public speaking.  Interested in finding out more, please get in touch.

"We have worked with Lyn to coach our senior people through a range of different career challenges. Our people speak highly of the work Lyn does with them, supporting them to see different perspectives and to employ practical and positive strategies for improving wellbeing and performance. As a business we have also seen a clear return on our investment in Lyn and our people. I would recommend Lyn to any business looking to introduce coaching strategies in their day to day work." Martin Osler, Chief People Officer, Johnston Carmichael.

"Would highly recommend Lyn as a guest speaker for any team event! Lyn, despite having the "post lunch slump" spot at our team away day, had everyone engaged and reflecting on the concept of "working smarter, not harder". All 60 attendees said they took something from the session, which is a reflection of both the content of the talk and the delivery." Gemma Monaghan, Azets.

"Lyn's coaching services have been quite simply life changing for me. From our first meeting I knew with Lyn's energy, experience and perspectives she was one of those people who would have a lasting impact on me. This year, I've felt a real positive shift in my mindset, my habits and my mental fitness too. Balance is always something I've struggled with throughout my career, but Lyn has really shown me the importance of prioritising myself and helped to guide my thoughts on how to achieve this in the best way for me. I've also learned this year the importance of surrounding yourself with the right people for having a positive impact on how you think and feel, and Lyn is one of those key people for me.

Lyn also delivered a fantastic session for my team, a workshop that helped us take time out of our busy days and minds to focus on reflection and opportunities for growth. A fantastic high energy session that left an impact."

Emily, Edinburgh

"I was first introduced to Lyn when my employer organised a series of life coaching sessions for the team. Although I was initially sceptical, I soon found the sessions to be extremely valuable in helping me evaluate some important career and life decisions. Lyn has a relaxed style of coaching and has a great knack of not trying to fill silences. She will ask a question and then really give you time to fully contemplate. She does not 'force' answers on you, but instead gives you time to come up with those important decisions yourself. Her sessions have a perfect balance between her sharing theoretorical, academic knowledge and bringing her own life experience to provide important context.

I would unreservedly recommend Lyn to anyone who has reached a crossroads in their life or career, or simply who needs a bit of reflection time to help 'reset'."

Tim, Watford

"I have done a few sessions as part of a workplace wellbeing initiative and it was absolutely marvellous. The sessions really helped me to iron out some priorities, strengthen my self-confidence and value myself and the skills I bring to the table.

I'd recommend any employer who reads this to sign up their staff with Lyn for at least a few sessions a year, as being held accountable to your own work-life/life-work priorities and ambitions really is the key to finding that balance that hopefully makes everyone a bit happier and more relaxed."

Gaby, Bradford


I offer a number of workshops that can be run in person or online:

  • How to foster a growth mindset & build confidence
  • Reframing imposter system
  • How to build great habits that work for you
  • How to work smarter not harder.

Bespoke workshops and away days for teams can also be developed to meet a client's specific needs. To discuss this further please email me

Burnout Recovery

Burnout is a state of extreme exhaustion.  I have experience it 3 times.  It's a dark place.  After the third time, I realised things for me needed to change - not just for my sake but for the sake of the people I love. That was the start of a journey that ultimately led me into coaching.  

The 12 stages of burnout model developed by psychologists Herbert Freudenberger & Gail North is a good tool to help assess your behaviour and the severity of the situation.  

Simply having some time off work to recover without getting to the root of the problem is like sticking a plaster on a gapping wound that clearly needs stitches!  To stop the pattern repeating you need to get to the root of what is causing the behaviour.  The thoughts and beliefs that are behind the drive and behaviours that ultimately results in burnout. This is something that can be hard to do on your own.  With this awareness, I then support you to build new, more empowering beliefs that result in positive behaviours which prevent burnout happening again.

If you or one of your team are struggling with burnout please get in touch.

The GC index - Improving the Performance of Individuals in a Company

In my work I use a range of different tools and am excited to incorporate the GC Index (a.k.a. the Game Changer Index) within that.  The GC Index accesses an individual’s energy to make an impact in an organisation.  It is a great tool to help us understand the individuals in our organisations, to explain their frustrations and to allow us to give them the tools to thrive.  Where people can work with their natural energy they will perform to a high standard, where they are doing work that neither interests or stimulates them they will never achieve their full potential. Bring together the right skill set and natural energy, and you have a winning combination. Skill set can be trained, energy cannot so understanding a person's natural energy is key.

Mental Health in the Workplace

According to the Britain's Healthiest Workplace Survey in 2017, poor productivity and days off sick are costing the UK economy £77.5 billion a year. Figures published by the Scottish Government report that around one in four people are estimated to be affected by mental health problems in Scotland in any one year, and the statistics are similar in the rest of the UK.

In 2018 the Mental Health Foundation commissioned what is believed to be the largest known study of stress levels in the UK.  4,619 people were surveyed.  When asked about the past year, 74% said they felt so stressed they had been overwhelmed or unable to cope, 46% reported they ate too much or ate unhealthily due to stress, 29% reported they started drinking or drank more due to stress and 51% who felt stressed also reported feeling anxious.  

These are gravely concerning statistics and it’s not just affecting adults.  According to the World Health Organisation 20% of adolescents experience a mental health problem in any given year and 10% of children and young people have a clinically diagnosable mental health problem.  We are passing on our stress and anxiety to our kids.

Stress and anxiety can build up and it affects our mental and physical health, and this has ramifications on all areas of our lives. Yet being able to talk to an impartial person in a confidential, non-judgemental forum can help to reduce the impact of this, to identify specific areas of challenge and to create simple, actionable strategies to deal with these.

Often it is hard to be honest with family, friends or colleagues for fear of being judged, or because we don't want to worry those we love, yet it is cathartic to be seen and heard.

Life & wellbeing coaching is empowering. It reminds our staff of their unique strengths, experience and perspective, and of the impact they can make in all areas of their life through their choices and actions.

The Empower & Inspire Programme

Statistics from the Mental Health Foundation report 1 in 5 women experience a common mental health condition compared to 1 in 8 men. There has been a steady increase in the number of women experiencing mental health difficulties whilst the figures for men have remained relatively stable. Women in full time employment are nearly twice as likely to have common mental health problems compared to male colleagues.

Why? According to figures from the Office for National Statistics in 2016 women do 60% more household work – cooking, cleaning, caring for children and elderly parents. This additional 45 minutes/day equates to an additional 34 working days a year (based on an 8 hour working day)! Personal, family and societal expectations can add to these pressures. Women also experience hormone changes which can impact their mental health e.g., premenstrual tension, antenatal & postnatal depression, the menopause.

Often women get little time to focus on themselves and what they want. This is particularly true of professional, driven women who strive for high standards in their professional and personal lives. Yet these are the very women who don’t want to admit stress is building up or to ask for help. They see it as failing and feel they should be able to cope.

It is often the high expectations that they have of themselves that creates the pressure. Perfectionism, imposter syndrome and a harsh inner critic are all common in professional women. These have pushed them to succeed but often at the detriment of their physical and mental wellbeing. Yet the simple truth is that it is physiologically impossible for anyone to perform at their best when they are stressed or anxious.

The programme allows professional woman to explore:

  • Their core values
  • Their unique offering - strengths, skills & experience
  • Their vision for their life
  • The limiting beliefs that are holding them back
  • How to replace these with new, positive beliefs
  • Beneficial habits & working practices
  • Confidence & choices

The programme can be delivered in person or online. It is a must for any company who is committed to equality, diversity and inclusion. To find out more please contact

Game Changing Thinking

I have always been conscious of the fact I see things differently to other people. An old boss described me as a high diver - if there was a problem to be solved I was in there getting to the root of the problem. I can't do superficial chat. I have a profound need to make a difference, to constantly move forward and to continually improve. It is perhaps no surprise that I spent that first part of my career in new product development and now in coaching support people to design and live their lives in a way that works for them.

It was no surprise to me that I'm a Game Changer / Polisher.

If you are looking to get a different perspective on a problem or want support to think creatively about a challenge, whether that be alone or with your team, please get in touch

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