Frequently Asked

Everything you need to know
about life coaching.

Q. What does a life coach actually do?
A. Generally, clients come to a life coach when they are facing a specific challenge in their life, or when they want to achieve something that is out of their comfort zone.  The coach will ask them questions to help them gain greater clarity on what it is that they want and will support them to take positive action to help move them from where they are now to where they want to be. For many people they want the accountability that working with a coach will bring them.  As a previous client said to me “I don’t want to show up not having done what I’d said I was going to do.”  
Qualified life coaches are trained to ask questions to help people see things from a broader perspective and this can change the way clients see themselves and the opportunities open to them.  The way we think affects how we feel which impacts our actions and therefore our outcomes. The change in the thought process can change everything positively.
Q. How much should you pay for a life coach?
A. Rates life coaches charge vary considerably.  Some charge from £40-50/hour whilst others charge hundreds of pounds an hour.  These rates vary based on the qualifications, experience and confidence of the individual coaches.   When evaluating the cost of coaching it is also worth considering the potential return coaching could bring to you e.g., securing a better paid job, negotiating a pay rise, bringing you greater confidence or happiness.  What would these be worth to you?
It is important to recognise that change takes time and commitment. Depending on what you want to achieve you may require to work with a coach for several months or longer.
Q. Is it worth getting a life coach?
A. Have you tried to make changes in your life yourself?  How much success have you had?  If the answer is not as much as you would have liked, it is worth considering getting a life coach.  This is particularly true for the people pleasers amongst us who are good at meeting external expectations but not good at doing the things they want to for themselves.  It is worth saying though, coaches are not magicians, the only way a client will achieve what they want through coaching is if they embrace the process and take action. Ultimately the only person who can change your life is you, but a coach can provide valuable guidance and support on that journey.
Q. How do I find the right coach for me?
A. Do some research.  Google coaches near you.  Read their websites and their own story.  Is there anything within that that resonates with you? Often it is beneficial if they have experienced some of the challenges you are facing.  Read their reviews.  What have people said about what it’s like working with them and the outcomes they have achieved?
There are also a few directories where you can find life coaches.  It’s worth checking out or  Or provide a match making service to help support you to find the right coach for you.  
Make a shortlist of potential coaches you would be interested in working with and then contact them.  Most coaches offer a free introductory call.  Talk to them.  Get a feel for what working with them would be like.  Ask about the results previous clients have had.  A good rapport between you and your coach is critical to building a successful coaching relationship.  Trust your gut.  You will know if they are the right coach for you.
Q. Is coaching a regulated industry?
A. Coaching is not regulated. Anyone can set up as a coach without any formal coaching training.  For this reason, it is important you checkout the qualifications of any coach you are looking to work with.  Look for qualifications that have been accredited by either the International Coaching Federation (ICF) or by theAssociation of Coaching (AC).  Also checkout their experience prior to coaching as this will give them specific knowledge that can add value to their coaching and enable them to know the right questions to ask.

I have answered the most common questions people ask about life coaching. If you have any further questions, drop me an email to and I will get back to you.

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