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One to One Life Coaching Sessions

Life coaching gives time and space in a confidential, non-judgemental environment to explore what you want from your life and the challenges you are facing. It allows an openness and honesty that can be difficult to have in conversations with family, friends and colleagues.  

We all have a confirmation bias which supports our existing thoughts, based on our previous life experience.  Through thought provoking questioning, life coaching allows you to see fresh perspectives, broader opportunities and yourself in a new light.

The way we think affects how we feel which impacts our actions and therefore our outcomes.  If we want to change our life and stop repeating old patterns, we need to change the way we think.

I combine coaching with an understanding of neuroscience, behavioural science and positive psychology to help you to make lasting change in your life.

If you are committed to changing your life – to becoming happier, more fulfilled and to making a big impact, on your terms – then this is for you.  To quote a previous client – this is a “game changer.”

Change takes time and commitment.  How long we work together depends on what you want to achieve.  

All sessions are entirely client focussed. I don't have a one-size fits all process. The questions I ask and the techniques I use, vary from one client to another.

Sessions can be conducted in person or over zoom.

If you are interested in learning more or in exploring how we could work together, please book a free introductory call.

Lyn Ray Coaching Fife
Your time and energy are your biggest currency so spend them wisely.

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Lyn Ray Coaching Fife


What value does working with me bring?

·     A safe space with no judgement or agenda.

·     Greater self-awareness.

·     Greater clarity on what you want.

·     A positive mindset.

·     Builds your confidence and self-belief.

·     Supports building good habits.

·     Accountability to take conscious action.

·     Motivation & energy.

Would that be life changing for you?  It was for Emily.  

To hear more about Emily’s experience and that of other clients  

What would your life be like if you were clear on what you wanted, you had a positive mindset, were confident, had great habits and were taking conscious actions every day?  

Take a minute to visualise what that would be like.

I only work with people who are serious about changing their lives.  The only person who can change your life is you.


If you want someone to ask the right questions to help you gain clarity on what you want, to give you the tools to change your mindset, build your confidence, and to hold you accountable, then I’m the coach for you. I will walk beside you on the journey.

I've changed my life and I can support you to change yours  


What is the cost for this guidance & support?

Coaching is an investment of your time and money.  Positive change does not happen overnight, generally it is a gradual process and it compounds.  The reflections between sessions are often as important as what happens in the sessions.

Normally I work with clients fortnightly for 3 months. This enables clients to begin to change their perspective and mindset, to embed positive habits and to build confidence, motivation and momentum.  

After that many clients move to monthly/bi-monthly sessions and ultimately to check-ins as required.  They want to stay on track.  

Others are happy to use the tools they have learned and they are off and running on their own.

My 3 Month Coaching Package includes:

·     1 initial 90 minute session

·     5 x 60 minute sessions

·     Weekly check ins

·     Support between sessions

·     2 beautiful notebooks for use in our work

Sessions can be in person or online.

The cost for this package is £900 and it can be paid upfront or in 2, 3 or 6 instalments based on what works best for you.  I don’t charge more if you pay in instalments.  

This package is the best option if you are serious about making lasting change in your life.  


The other option that can work well if you have a specific problem or challenge, or you want some dedicated time to explore key priorities at work or in your business, is a deep dive session.  

A Deep Dive Session is a 2 ½ hour session and the cost is £250.  This can be in person or online.

Would a session like this be a revelation for you as it was for Sarah-Jane?  To hear more about Sarah-Jane’s experience of deep dive sessions  

If you are interested in learning more or in exploring how we could work together, please book a free introductory call.

Lyn Ray Coaching Fife
The best way to predict your future is to create it.”

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