One to One Coaching

Clarity, Confidence, Conscious Choices

Lyn Ray
Lyn Ray Coaching Fife
Lyn Ray Coaching Fife

Change happens gradually and builds.

It happens when you have the right mindset and a clear idea of where you are going. Sometimes our mindset limits us, sometimes we don’t know what we want, or how to get there.

Transformational coaching can help with any, or all, of these. Change happens when we update our habits and consciously choose where we focus our time.  

For many people coaching provides them with the accountability they need to make these changes.  As one client put it “I don’t want to show up without having done the work I’d said I was going to do.”  This can be especially helpful for busy people who prioritise their families and work over themselves.  

One to one coaching helps clients to gain clarity on what they actually want from their life, and then to be accountable to focus on the activities that are important to them, and that are necessary for them to become more energised and fulfilled. Time is limited but we get to choose how we use it.  

The key when considering undertaking coaching is how do you want to feel?  And are you really committed to making changes in your life to achieve that?   This is essential as coaching only works where the client proactively engages in the process.

Lyn Ray Coaching Fife
You can choose
your attitude
every day”

Marie Forleo

Lyn Ray Coaching Fife

One to One Sessions

I work with a limited number of clients on a one to one basis.

How long I work with a client, depends on what they wish to achieve. Every client is different.

The first session usually takes up to 90 minutes, subsequent sessions are 60 minutes.

The investment per session is £150. Sessions are conducted over Zoom.

Zoom allows the client to be somewhere they feel relaxed and comfortable, and where they won’t be disturbed.

If preferable to the client, one to one coaching sessions can be run face to face in Edinburgh or North Berwick.

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