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Renewed Clarity & Confidence

The Renewed Clarity & Confidence Programme is an exclusive group programme for women.  

As women we go through transitions in life that can lead us to lose sight of what we want or the confidence to go after it. This can leave us feeling overwhelmed, frustrated and unfulfilled.

Sometimes this is linked to us having kids and the pressure of trying to juggle a lot.  Other times it may result from changes in our bodies, such as the menopause, or from specific life events like redundancy or divorce.  

This is a 10-week programme for 8 women. It begins on Wednesday 12th January 2022.

During the programme, we will explore:

· Your core values.

· Your unique offering – strengths, skills & experience.

· Your vision for your life.

· The limiting beliefs that are holding you back.

· How to replace these with new, positive beliefs.

. Beneficial habits to move you forward.

. Your money mindset.

· Confidence & choices.

The programme includes:

· Ten weekly group coaching sessions.

· Sessions are held over Zoom on a Wednesday 12.30-1.30pm.

· Being part of a group of like-minded women.

· A closed Facebook Group for members of the programme.

· A beautiful notebook to record your thoughts and ideas in.  

Written exercises are used throughout the programme, so you only share what you feel comfortable to.

What will you get from the Programme?

·  Clarity on who you are and what you want from your life.

· The confidence to make conscious choices on where to focus your time & energy to move you towards the life you want.

· Being part of a supportive group of like-minded individuals.

I have developed this programme using my expertise as a coach along with an indepth understanding of personal development based on hundreds of hours of reading across a broad range of disciplines including neuroscience, behavioural science, psychology, hypnotherapy and coaching. From this, I have built simple tools and strategies that I used to change my life, so I know these work!

The programme is for women who are serious about making changes to their lives.  This investment in you and your life is £495.  This can be paid over 3 instalments.  

If you are interested in learning more about the programme, please drop me an email to and we can get a free introductory call set up. It's essential that the course is right for you and that you are the right for the course.

Get clear on what YOU want.

Lyn Ray Coaching Fife

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